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Women Wellness Exam

For many men, the thought of going to their doctor for a men’s wellness exam isn’t all that appealing. Although it’s one of the best preventative measures you can take for your health, many men put off their annual wellness exam for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common excuses include a lack of time, fear of what they will find out, and cost.

Men who get their annual wellness exam are more likely to catch diseases in their early stages, thus increasing the chance of survival, and are generally in better health because they’re under the supervision of a physician.

So what does a wellness exam cover for men?

Medical History

The first thing your doctor will do is take a thorough health history. This will include providing details about diseases that run on both your maternal and paternal side of the family. You’ll also list all of the medications you take or have taken, any past surgeries or hospitalizations, and health issues you’ve experienced. This is your chance to explain any concerns you have.

Vital Sign Check

During the vital sign check the medical assistant or nurse will check your temperature, blood pressure, and pulse. A healthy blood pressure is a sign of good overall health, while high blood pressure could indicate vascular and heart issues. Listening to your heart will tell him/her whether you have any murmurs, irregular heartbeat, or other defects.


Bloodwork helps the doctor diagnose and treat problems that might not be obvious otherwise. During a routine physical exam, the doctor typically pulls labs for everything, including cholesterol, blood count, iron, and vitamins. They may also request a urinalysis and complete chemistry panel. What they request will depend on symptoms you’re experiencing.

Overall Body

Your physician will look at everything from your throat to your skin. The dermatological exam will tell them whether you have healthy skin. They’ll look for signs of skin cancer and other diseases, paying special attention to the shape, size, and color of any moles.

The health and feel of your abdomen, which can be detected through palpation, will tell the doctor how well your digestive system is working.

The doctor will also test your neurological standing, paying special attention to reflexes, muscle strength, balance, and mental health.

Male Specific Exams

The most commonly feared part of the men’s wellness exam include the testicular, penile, prostate, and hernia exams. The testicular exam is incredibly important and helps screen you for signs of testicular cancer. While check for a hernia the doctor will ask you to turn your head and cough. This will allow them to feel for any thinness or weakness between your intestines and scrotum. Finally, the doctor will exam your penis for growths or ulcers, and will check your prostate for signs of disease.

Although going to the doctor for a physical can be scary, it’s an important part of taking care of yourself so you can have many more healthy years ahead. Contact us today to schedule your men’s wellness exam.

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