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Annual Physical Exam

One of the most common requests of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants today are for work and executive exams. Employers want to make sure a prospective employee is healthy, capable of doing their job, and low risk when it comes to the chance of losing them to either sickness or addition.

Executive Physicals

Executive physicals are physical exams of executives executed according to the employer’s needs. Typically this requires the employer to communicate to the medical office what they’re looking for in particular and what they need the executive to do.

General Work Exams

All of our physical exams are performed by licensed physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Our PATs (physical abilities tests) examines whether a worker will be able to meet the physical demands of a job. We look at grip strength, push and pull abilities, and dynamic lifting.

We also pull bloodwork to look for signs of issues like high blood sugar or cholesterol. We perform a urine analysis to look for drug use or signs of kidney issues or other underlying problem. And, a hearing and vision test make sure overall health and senses are at functional levels.

These general exams are much like the traditional physical or wellness exam you’re used to experiencing at your doctor’s.

Do I need an exam?

Your employer will disclose to your whether your position requires a workplace physical examination or executive exam. Typical positions that require these exams include truck drivers, CEOs, and nurses. Employers who request you undergo a medical exam do so because they want to ensure you’re capable of performing the job in a safe and reasonable way.

Who pays for the exam?

Medical exams required by the company are typically paid for by the company. The only alternative to this would be if you’re an independent contractor required to submit a health certificate to a client. These exams are confidential and kept away from both your health insurance and other employees at the place of work. The exception to this would be if your medical records were required by law or regulation, or if your workplace offered some sort of health incentive program that required them to view your records (you would need to provide permission to them).

What are the benefits?

One of the biggest benefits of workplace physical exams is the confidence it gives your employer in you. These exams also can help you explain any reasons behind prescription drugs you’re taking. Oftentimes employers will often discounts or reduced rates on health insurance for employees that provide proof of good health.

We are proud to offer comprehensive workplace examinations. If you’re an employer looking for a team to help complete your workplace exams or a potential employee in need of an exam, contact us. We can get your exam scheduled and provide results quickly, all with the privacy, professionalism, and courtesy that you would expect.

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